Konzert: The Beautiful Girls



The Beautiful Girls

‘Raw, spooky, rootsy, punky, reggae, dubby’ these are some of the ways the music of The Beautiful Girls has been described. And in 2017 & 2018, they’re taking it all the way back to the sonic beginnings to celebrate anniversaries of their two seminal releases Morning Sun and Learn Yourself.
Periscopes, Music, Blackbird and LaMar, amazing performances all over the planet, the voice of Mat McHugh, heart –
on-the-sleeve songs, pioneering Australia’s surf-roots-reggae sounds; these are things fans worldwide think of when they think of The Beautiful Girls. Now Mat has decided to strip back the performances to their original essence the striking three piece sound which first brought the band to attentionfifteen years ago. First stop on the Morning Sun / Learn Yoursef Tour will be Europe where the band built a base early in its career. Now, after over 5 years absence, the trio returns to play venues in Europe and spend four weeks reconnecting with fans.
To celebrate the anniversaries of these two releases, both will be available on vinyl for the first time in Europe and CDs with bonus material will be issued across the continent with special playlists being curated for download and streaming services.
28.09.2017 / Einlass 19:30 Uhr / Beginn 20:30 Uhr
VVK: 28 € zzgl. Gebühren/ Reservierung 29€ (reservierung@milla-club.de, begrenztes Kontingent)