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Aaron Brooks

Aaron BROOKS – Space oddity, MULTICAM

Aaron Brooks, the Akron, Ohio-born singer-songwriter of acclaimed American psychedelic rock band Simeon Soul Charger returned after a 2 year absence to his musical playground with his celebrated debut album “HOMUNCULUS,” a varied collection of psychedelic rock, folk, Americana, and orchestral offerings, released in late 2018.

In 2019, Brooks toured the European continent spanning 12 countries with his unique brand of cinematic genre-bending anthems, abiding by an authentically nomadic lifestyle reminiscent of a bygone era. Brooks is expected to release his anticipated follow-up to “HOMUNCULUS” in 2020.

What others are saying.

Rocks Magazine: 7.5 / 10: „For the 13 songs he disguises 13 times without hiding his identity.“

TOP RUHR: „Great solo work … A beguiling album and a must-have!“

Empire: „The powerful and transparent production fits perfectly with the music.“

Classic Rock 7/10: „Razor-sharp social criticism … Prog-Psych-Noir“

Legacy 12/15: „… like a maximum compression of a huge number of ideas.“ The trick? The protagonists have managed to give almost every track a songwriting character, so the songs basically work both on the radio and under the headphones. .. it is an exceptional album in an unthinkable field of tension from fairground and chamber music, singer / songwriting stuff and rock “

Orkus: „Almost sad are some of the songs that go through Mark and leg with Aaron’s crystal clear voice.“

Break Out: „… very varied and surprised by its quality … very nice thing, I’m thrilled! Definitely check in!“

Westzeit 4/6: „… he now delivers an album that conceptually goes through quite well as a singer-songwriter Opus, stylistically based rather on grunge-rock structures – what especially orchestral or ballad songs for interesting, surprising, exciting and entertaining contrasts. “


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