Konzert: Oratnitza

Fusion Embassy & Gibelin proudly pres. the Bulgarian world music sensation made of Balkan tunes, rolling basses & jazzy rhythms:

Oratnitza Balkan Ethnobass Album Tour „Alter Ethno“ 2019

Oratnitza are six young Bulgarian musicians who share a love for both folklore and contemporary bass genres. They hence call their unique sound “ETHNOBASS”. Ever since their birth Oratnitza has been driven by their curiosity to find out what lies beyond the musical status quo. This has made them take Bulgarian folklore on a wild journey. Over the years their repertoire has absorbed colors and scents from the local underground and distant continents alike. Bringing the treasures from their explorations home, they pass on the torch of tradition. Oratnitza’s music is a blend of Bulgarian folk melodies, orthodox-style chanting, world music elements, hip-hop, dubstep, trap, D’n’B, and irregular rhythms. Oratnitza interprets Bulgarian traditional songs in a way our generations can truly embrace.

Website: www.oratnitza.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/oratnitza
Youtube: www.youtube.com/oratnitza
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/oratnitza

05.05.2019 // Einlass 19.00 Uhr // Beginn 20.00 Uhr

VVK: 10,90 € zzgl Geb. // AK: 18 € 

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