Konzert: The KutiMangoes

Der Welt heisseste Afrojazz-Band!? So sehen dass nicht nur einige Musikredakteure sondern auch die meisten Konzertbesucher – kommen sie nun als Jazzfans, Worldmusik-Liebhaber oder einfach, um zu der betörenden Mischung aus wildem Jazz, westafrikanischer Musik, Blues und Soul ausgelassen zu tanzen.

Worum geht es bei „made in africa”?
(Statements der Musiker):

„The KutiMangoes‘ musical mission is not to record African or Western Music: Our goal is to create music together – to share and meet through music.

On this album you can listen to some compositions inspired by musical traditions in western Africa, some of them new versions of ancient folksongs:

Hunting f.e. is inspired by the „chasseur“ ritual hunter’s music of Mali with an appearance of Diakaridja Mariko – a pupil of the legendary Yoro Sidibé.

Ouagadougou is a tribute to the charming atmosphere of Burkina’s capital.

Tolma and M’ba are inspired by ancient folksongs from Burkina Faso, sung by the wonderful Patrick Kabré and now with new harmonies, melodies, horn parts, keyboards and guitars.

Nin Gang is another traditional song – this one with a particularly relevant message of compassion and humanity towards those in need – a message that we have turned into a duet with the legendary Danish singer Annisette.

This Ship Will Sink has an unlikely inspiration from Led Zeppelin, whose curiosity towards all the worlds‘ music is an ongoing inspiration.

Pangaea takes it’s title from millions of years ago where the earth’s continents were united in one super-continent, sort of a mission statement from us: uniting people through music.“

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15.11.2018 // Einlass 19.00 Uhr // Beginn 20.00 Uhr

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