Konzert: Tunnel Visions Vol. 6


Tunnel Visions, presented by Ark Noir, is the conception of young, local artists, out to prove themselves in Munich’s growing musical subculture. This festival brings artists together with listeners in search of distinct moods in music. The sound of Tunnel Visions mixes electronic and acoustic instrumentalists & vocalists for a vivid evening of contemporary music. The event even takes place in a tunnel-like venue, Milla Club, a central hub of the city’s music scene.

A Munich-based collective that defies most typical genre association, Ark Noir blends electronic- inspired beats with instrumental improvisation to create new sounds derived from a plethora of influences. Not necessarily a “dance band,“ Ark Noir considers its music conducive to movement, capable of transmitting inematic imagery into listeners’ minds.
In performances, their music is at times raw and bleak, and at others rich in depth and textures, but always pulsing at high energy levels. The quintet uses synthesizers,
sample pads and a multitude of effect pedals to produce sonic landscapes played by real instruments. In June 2019 they released their debut album „Tunnel Visions“ on Enja Records which received high-rated reviews in magazines like the Rolling Stone, Musikexpress, Audio magazine and more.

Sinularia from Berlin are playing „Subwater Beats“, their self- created genre. They combine Wonky Beats nd Intelligent Dance Music inspired by Flying Lotus and Aphex Twin, Jazz and Improvisation, complexistic rhythms with floating melodies and chords out of the Electronica world. Jo Wespel (guitar, fx, composition), Felix Henkelhausen (double-bass, fx) and Max Santner (drums, fx) from Berlins young (post)contemporary scene are transforming their virtuosity to „refreshing and unpredictable colours“ (Jazz’halo / Belgium).
Sinularia ́s concept merges musical and visual characteristics to create a wholesome concert experience. They wear specially designed fluorescent jumpsuites that create an underwater-world esthetic together with glowing corals in black light. Sinularia played, amongst others at Überjazz Hamburg, What is Music Festival Burgos, KIM Festival Berlin, SURfF Festival Berlin, Bandstand Festival Hellerau (European Centre of the Arts), BRN Festival Dresden,
Subwater Beats Festival Dresden.

„POLY POLY are Munich-based producers and multi instrumentalists Hans „Hu$tle“ Heusterberg and Jona „Volt Age“ Raischl. Their self-titled debut album, released on Bumm Clack Records in 2018, seamlessly combines their respective musical backgrounds to a homogenous and fresh sound that lies between Modern Funk, Beat-Art, Trip Hop, Neo-Soul and Synthwave. In their residence at Auerhahn Studios, located west of Munich, Germany, they have built themselves a playground of vintages synths, drums, guitars and other common and uncommon instruments. In a state of flow the self-taught producers juggle ideas, grooves, melodies and sounds to create the music they are
dreaming of.
But their mutual understanding of music is not limited to working in the studio. Their individual talent and harmonic teamplay is most notable during their vibrant live performances. Equipped with vocoder, autotune, synthies, a percussion section and guitar, they deliver shows that will leave the audience dancing and hovering.“

22:15 ARK NOIR

27.09.2019 // Einlass: 20:00 // Beginn: 21:00
VVK: 13,00 € zzgl. Geb. // AK: 16,00 €

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