Milla Nächte: Funk Related Birthday Bash w/ 18 DJs

18 DJs play one favorite tune each per round


Round 1: Funk around the Globe

Round 2: James Brown Conversion

Round 3: Jazz!

Round 4: Modern Soul / Boogie


Birthday Bash w/

Ana de Mier

Benji Froehlich

Caro Bree

Florian Keller

Franjo Utsumi

Jay Scarlett

Martin Ganter

Michi Heinkel

Michi Mettke

Michael Reinboth

Sven Katmando

Roand Lang


Teho Thoennessen

Thomas Bedall

Tino Ludwig

Tom Wieland

& Voiti


from the Funk to the Boogie
to the Hip to the Soul to the Reggae

To the Hop to the Jazz to the Drum
to the Bass to the Old to the New

and back in no particular order. NO STUPID HITS PARTY!!!


Einlass: 23 Uhr