Party: breakfest w/ Argo, Beatrice & Schnapolitur 3000 Live

breakfest w/ Argo, Beatrice & Schnapolitur 3000 Live

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.This guideline unites us and drives us.breakfest wants to bring various kinds of drum rhythms to the forefront and create an unimagined energy that will remain unforgettable for several days.For the second edition we are very proud to present the following menu:


ArgoHailing from the banlieue of Paris, currently based in the capital Argo has spent almost a decade earning himself a reputation as one of the most recognizable French 140 producers.The unique, mysterious style he developed quickly caught the attention of the UK Dubstep scene and some of its pioneers, which was followed by a number of releases on the most respected labels in the scene such as Artikal Music UK, Encrypted Audio, Sentry Records, White Peach.Over the last couple of years Argo has established himself in the scene playing in France as well as in the UK, Sweden, Brussels, Germany & Poland.


Beatricewas born in France and raised by Brits, whichaccounts for her interest in cross-culture sub-genres leaningtowards the UK underground scene. She recently completed amaster’s degree in sound art in Strasbourg, with partying as anart medium the subject of her thesis.In her DJ sets, Beatrice combines recent forms of club musicwith tracks originating from the roots of bass, stretching thebpm from downlempo to tribe, and punctualing the narrationwith ultra-emotional beatless gems. The result is a futuristicarchive of dance and euphoria.


Schnapolitur 3000 Liveis a live project of two friends from munich, which invites you to dance to experimental and broken beats as well as to crunchy 4 to the floor bangers. Meanwhile living in berlin, they are nevertheless a firm part of the breakfest family and already delivered a few times an unforgettable live jam. Be prepared for a soul heating warm up.

Genre: electro, bass, uk garage and jungle


24.09.2022 // Beginn: 23:00 Uhr

AK: 10 €